Quilters stands, hoops, stencil holders and more

Quilters Stand

JL 391 Quilters Stand - Adjustable height, rotates full circle and tilts either way  (best thing since sliced bread)

Comes complete with your choice of 12, 14, 16 or 18 inch bar. (For attaching to a 12, 14,16 or 18 inch Bonwick hoop) If stand and hoop are purchased together we will attach the hoop to the bar.             ( 3.0kg )  ( to convert to Embroiderers stand use JL372   see further down page )

Choose A, B, C or D  in options list for correct bar size

Stock available as at 1st July 2017

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Border Attachment

JL 396 Border Attachment (for quilting straight edges)

Sizes fitting 14-16 inch hoop or 16-18 inch BONWICK HOOP

Stock available as at 1st July 2017

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Quilters Hoops ( BONWICK )

JL 397 Bonwick Hoop 10 inch round

Hoops subject to availability ( could have 10,12,16,18 inch ) CONTACT ME BEFORE BUYING PLEASE.

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Stencil Tray

JL 331 Large Stencil Tray ( approx 320mm long )..

5 slots to hold up to 9  quilters rulers and / or stencils

Stock available as at 1st July 2017..  NOTE: Small size no longer available

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Wing Nut tightener 

JL 346 Wing Nut tightener for Bonwick Hoop

Stock available as at 1st July 2017


Light Box

JB200 Light BOX approx 420mm  x 420mm   $60.00  NO POST AVAILABLE 

 JB199 Light Box Stand ( $16.00 )..

Stock low ( 1st July 2017) Contact before purchasing as no longer posted

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Embroiderers Stand ADAPTOR 

  JL372 Adaptor ( for quilters stand conversion to embroiderers stand )

  ( see Embroiderers Stand JL370 on Embroidery accessories  page 6  )

Stock low as at 1st July 2017 )


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