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Needlework Frames & Stands

JL 351  Cross Stitch Frames 110-250mm end bars ( Tapestry frames )

 End bars have additional holes to alter height of work.

(including 2 x 300mm dowels with tapes ) also in 200mm,300mm,400mm,500mm,600mm

        ( Products are sent Post Collect until postage is paid)

 STOCK AVAILABLE all SIZES  1st July 2017 

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Cross Stitch Frames ( Tapestry Frames )

JL 356 Cross Stitch Frames 300 - 450mm end bars

 End bars have additional holes to alter height of work.

(including 2 x 700mm dowels with tape ) Also 900mm & 1200mm which cannot be posted as TOO Long.

   Note : Products are sent Post Collect unless contacted prior to purchase

 STOCK AVAILABLE all SIZES as at 1st July  2017

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Hinged Stand Set

 JL366  Hinged Stand that allows the frame to rotate and has height adjustment.  Includes a  500mm and 700mm frame plus adjustable stabilizer bar. $50.00


Please contact me for postage charges as it will NOT sent until freight paid.

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Needlework Box with sliding lid & 350mm frame

JL 369 - Box includes a sliding lid plus a  350mm frame which rotates to 270 degrees

 stock available as at 1st June 2018. POSTAGE NOT INCLUDED.

Please contact my for freight costs before buying


V Stand

JL 373 - V Stand (without FRAME) includes bolts

This stand is capable of holding Jarrah Lacky frames from 300mm - 600mm with side bars to maximum of 250mm . If larger side bars ( to 450mm ) are used, JL 373a should be purchased as both sizes can be attached to it.                       The V Stand is designed to sit on a table or tray

 Stock AVAILABLE as at 1st July 2017

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BUM STAND includes 10 inch Bonwick Hoop

sits on the chair & you straddle it or place it on the table.

Stands available but hoops vary. Contact before purchase.

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